Luster paints & chemicals ltd develops and markets a comprehensive and high quality range of water and oil based paints for the industrial needs, decoration and protection of interior and exterior surfaces of building.

Our mission is to beautify and also provide long lasting protection on projects .LUSTER offers quality products ,prompt personalised service and outstanding value.The business ischaracterised by a strong customer focus.

We maintain a leading edge in a demanding market environment by combining dedication to customers and years of experience in paints production.

It is our privilege therefore to introduce our services to you.

For Architects, Specifiers and Contractors we provide a complete  colour and technical advisory service that always on hand to help you create the cordinated decor scheme you want.


LUSTER PAINTS AND CHEMICALS LTD facility provides an extensive choice of colours through our colourcard and unique shades providing unlimited creative scope in the use of colour.
Colours ranging from full tones to light shades in accordance with internationally accepted standards can be formulated.
LUSTER adhering to ever more stringent environmental regulation. Hence, raw materials are carefully selected to conform to the highest quality standards.

We can also produce customer’s specific colours to match special needs. LUSTER continually modify and improve its products


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